Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pay check

Nothing can change men and beat them down like the eternal routine revolving pattern of days and nights. Time marks can be easily read on the face of a man telling the full story of his own battles, wins and losses. It's not mere literature or some versed phrases seeking language beauty over their true message. It's man's destiny to learn by suffering and to acquire by losing. Cynical? Yeah but it's as i said unbeatable fate we all should accept.
Yet i can not accept losing you, that tiny faint distant imaginary possibility that you were my missing half. That piece of logic i need to solve my insanity. The answer key to my vast maze. The one that could have restored the balance in my world. i admitt i really was still a child, we both were. We could not appreciate how valuable what we had. We chose our egoes over our souls, a price i'm done paying but with a debt to my damaged heart. I wish deep down in my heart you had a better journey. I hope you found your one. I pray you have been spared the agony of the "what if" question. May be you forgot me it's ok I just wish you know you will be always my sole single reason to write down because these thoughts holding your name are way beyond my ability to bear locking them up.

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